Fueled by our passion for climbing, the team at Zombiru Productions and I began SuperBeta: an outdoor climbing guide and interactive community for rock climbers.

"Beta" is a term for any tips or information about a climbing problem or route. SuperBeta provides photo-rich and up-to-date content on outdoor locales. It also tracks a climbers "sends" or completed climbs, as well as favorite and in-progress projects.

Throughout working on this project, my involvement has shifted through many roles. Primarily, I'm focused on the design of the entire project: overall branding, web, user interface, and user experience. I work with fellow designer & climber, Stella Hong, to develop the wireframes and screens that comprise our working prototype — available at http://climbsuperbeta.com/demo — as well as designs for our web app counterpart. Additionally, I've developed the initial branding, and implemented a prelaunch website to generate interest from climbers early on, online at http://climbsuperbeta.com

As co-founder of the project, I've stepped up to tackle managerial tasks such as coordinating a team of six, including designers, developers, writers, and outreach. I also oversee the broad goals of the endeavor, and work with our project manager to prioritize our feature, content, and general development.

While the application is still in development, this project has been incredibly motivating and refreshing to work on. Combining two of my personal loves, design and climbing, has pushed me to learn more about the best practices in user interface and experience design, as well as encouraged me to take more of an entrepreneurial approach in my project.